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A Deva Avatar is a

Each Deva Avatar is unique. We don’t share the same beliefs or life purpose. Heck, we don’t even speak the same language! And without any core characteristics, abilities or desires a Deva Avatar is largely indefinable, except to say that we are a simultaneous experience-expression of All That Is. Which is not a very helpful explanation, I admit. So let’s see if we can’t remedy that through our conversations on this site.

A Deva Avatar is an oracle
A Deva Avatar is a human angel
A Deva Avatar is the chariot of shekinah
What is a human angel?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a human angel?

A human angel is someone who came here without a will separate from all that is; a person with all the attributes we identify as human, except that they innately trust what is.

At least that is the kind of human angel I have been told that I am. There are many different types of avatar on the planet, and each is unique.


What does avatar mean?

Avatar means…

What does deva mean?

Deva means…

How do I know if I am an avatar?
Certified Counsellor

Diploma of Professional Counselling

Specialising in Parenting and Grief + Loss, my degree forms part of a dynamic skillset that allows me to be with whatever is true for you (no matter what).

Bachelor of Society, Life & Learning

Bachelor of Society, Life & Learning

Terrorism. Advanced Research in Cultural Studies. Human Behaviour. Practical Ethics. Origins of Modern Philosophy. Education. Globalization. Culture & Healing, and more.

Founder + Fellow of Heart Alchemy

Founder + Fellow of Heart Alchemy

It is Heart Alchemy that allows me to accept, allow and appreciate what is without wanting to fix, change or heal anyone or anything. The cosmology of oneness.